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Charles River Zen Schedule

Please visit the web site of Charles River Zen to learn about the latest events, schedule, and what is going on in our Watertown location.
The calendar of events on is supplied by the same source as CRZ, however, please have a look at the new site.

Feburary 2012 Update

Our new website is up at, please visit and have a look! The Unsui site will continue to exist and be updated, show the information about the schedule and so on and represent Dharma Cloud Hermitage as the mother organization of CRZ.

Sittings are Tuesday and Thursday evening, we have introduced specific days on which there will be a talk, chanting of the entire sutra book, a “casual” evening, and are planning on offering an introductory class. Our first retreat will be on March 11 in the afternoon.  For more information we invite you to visit Charles River Zen!