CBA to sell 75 Sparks Street

Dear Dharma friends,

As some of you may be aware, the Board of the Cambridge Buddhist Association has decided to sell the house at 75 Sparks Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The CBA, as we have known it, will no longer exist as a place for Buddhist study and practice. The current plan is to continue our activities at 75 Sparks Street until the end of July 2011, at which time we will need to relocate our sangha.

The Cambridge Buddhist Association has a very rich history in terms of both study and practice. The Zazen-kai dates back to 1957, even before the CBA was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization (1959). Many prominent scholars and religious leaders have been affiliated with the CBA over the years including Mrs. Mitchell, Dr. D.T. Suzuki, the Japanese Zen Philosopher Dr. Shinichi Hisamatsu, Shunryu Suzuki, and Dr. Huston Smith.

The dwelling at 75 Sparks Street was purchased with the help of Mrs. Elsie Mitchell in 1979 in order to house the Zazen-kai. Maurine Stuart, Myoon Chiko, led the Zazen-kai beginning in the early seventies and continued as the Spiritual Director at Sparks Street until her untimely passing in 1990. Subsequently George Bowman led the Zazen-kai from 1991 until 1999 followed by a succession of resident monks (Dharman Stortz, Bhante Pannyaloka). From 2004 until the present time Dharma Cloud Hermitage has had the privilege of being responsible for the Zazen-kai with Dokuro at the helm as the Spiritual Director and Abbot of the CBA.

For all of you who have meditated at 75 Sparks Street over the years, there is still an opportunity to visit and participate for a few months. Please feel welcome to join us and to help keep alive the spirit and 54-year tradition of the Zazen-kai. The Board of Directors of the CBA has requested our help in conducting a Closing Ceremony which transitions the use of the space from one as a Buddhist temple to a place of secular use. Details will be forthcoming. We, Dharma Cloud Hermitage, will continue our practice in the Boston area in an effort to carry on the history and mission of the Zazen-kai. This Zen community will survive with your commitment and generous support.


Shuko and Dokuro

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