Dai-sesshin Report

The vice-abbess Shūkō and abbot Dokurō participated in a Dai-sesshin with Jōshū Rōshi at Bodhi Manda Zen Center in Jemez Springs, New Mexico.
Rōshi, who is walking his 105th year, was in good health and gave four sanzen daily plus a teishō in the morning. It is amazing how clear his mind is and how much he is determined to teach up to his last breath. It was a great privilege to be there and spend some time with the master.
Shūkō served as shōten in the kitchen and helped prepare three meals daily for the about thirty-five participants. Little time for rest and zazen makes a position in the kitchen even more challenging than being immersed in the seated meditation as a zendō student. Zen manifested in the activities of the kitchen work provides not only sustenance to those who eat the food but also strong and clear practice for the tenzo staff.
Dokurō once again was asked to lead the zendō as the jikijitsu, helped by Kyonen from the Roxbury Zen Center (NY), Hōgen from Augsburg (Germany), and Genshin from Colorado.
Dai-sesshin is a great practice opportunity and both the vice-abbess and the abbot were glad to be able to participate.

Bodhi Manda features a great main hall (hondō) which won an architectural award and also has natural hot pools that help relieve the stress that the strenuous practice puts on our bodies. Nature offers many opportunities to observe the beauty of New Mexico including many birds, flowers, and a wonderfully clear start-lit sky at night.

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