Retreat Report: March 14, 2010

Our One Day went by pretty fast, while outside the rain kept going and going. We had a good number with 12 participants, some of them part-time. It is always a privilege to be able to spend time together in the Zendo, sit, walk, chant, and eat. Some of the participants came for the first time, and we welcome them into our middle.
The practice at the Dharma Cloud Hermitage and the Cambridge Buddhist Association is always open to everyone who is willing to follow the form and respect the other practitioners.

Many thanks to Shuko, who served as the tenzo and prepared breakfast and lunch for the entire group. A lot of time is spent shopping in the rain), planning, cutting vegetable with Myoki as the shoten. A great Thank You to both bodhisattvas!

We will be planning the next retreat for April and will announce it as soon as a decision has been made.

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