Spring Update

Shuko and Dokuro just returned from a 7-day Dai-sesshin that comemmorated Joshu Sasaki Roshi’s 100th birthday. The Dai-sesshin was followed by the Hanamatsuri Celebration which also celebrated Roshi’s birthday.

There was some media coverage of the event, you can read an article in the online version of Tricyle or see the short news video clip from the reception after the Hanamatsuri ceremony.

Happy Birthday Roshi!

Dharma Cloud Hermitage presented Roshi with a gold brocade rakusu, which was financed by the temple and individual donors’ contributions. If you would like to help out and contribute to offset the expense for this gift, please leave something in the donation box (with a nore “rakusu”) or send a check to Dharma Cloud Hermitage, 210 Belmont Street #8, Watertown, Ma 02472-3557. All contributions are welcome.

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