Zen and Common Sense

It is winter, it is cold, and sometimes the weather gets not only nasty but increases the likelihood for accidents.

Zen students like to brave storms, cold, heat, rain, snow. Well, you can do that for yourself if you’d like, but don’t do it on the way to the Zendo. Sometimes it is more prudent to stay home and be safe than putting oneself into harms way. That includes looking ahead: how bad will it be when Zendo closes?

Please use common sense and make your own judgment if Zendo is not officially canceled but conditions are bad. We don’t want you the get hurt on the way here or on the way home. We’d much rather see you in one piece when the weather has cleared.

For tonight, Wednesday, February 10, 2010, we have not canceled as of 4:30 pm. It may be bad later, or after Zendo, so please take care and check before you come (on the phone message 617-491-8857) or this web site if the program has been officially canceled. We trust your judgment to stay home when it is better to do so.

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