Open House

Every month (usually on the first scheduled sitting) we hold an Open House. It is an opportunity to stop by and get a glimpse of what formal Zen practice looks like. The schedule is as follows:

  • 7:30 pm Opening
  • 7:35 pm Zazen – seated meditation
  • 7:50 pm Kinhin – walking meditation
  • 7:55 pm Welcome talk – a brief introduction by the Abbot or a senior sangha member
  • 8:10 pm Closing  – followed by informal reception with refreshments

During the social part of the evening visitors are encouraged to mingle with the sangha members, get acquainted, and ask questions. We will try to answer the questions as best as we can. This is a great opportunity for newcomers as well as seasoned individuals to check out the  Dharma Cloud Hermitage.

Charles River Zen Schedule

Please visit the web site of Charles River Zen to learn about the latest events, schedule, and what is going on in our Watertown location.
The calendar of events on is supplied by the same source as CRZ, however, please have a look at the new site.

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